Ferrari 458 – Wheel Spacers 14mm Front / 17mm Rear (Star Shape) with Titanium Wheel Bolts

Capristo Automotive Australia

Capristo offers custom lightweight wheel spacer sets for the 458.  CNC-milled from a solid block of 7075 T6 alloy and anodized.  The front axle track is widened by 14mm while the rear is widened by 17mm.  Both sets have a centering rim and come with titanium wheel bolts.

Type 1: Star-shaped, light weight wheel spacers fit within the contour of the OEM rims.

front axle weight (14mm spacers): 562g

rear axle weight (17mm spacers): 682g

20 pcs titanium bolts: 1318g

the full set (14/17mm): 2562g

Capristo Wheel Spacer Set – 2.562KG vs “Other” Wheel Spacers at 5.481KG.  Over 54% Reduction in rolling weight!


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