BMW Exhaust Systems

High Performance Capristo BMW Exhaust Systems

BMW, short for Bavarian Motor Works, is part of the ‘big three’ German premium automotive brands, alongside Audi and Mercedes. BMW offers a huge range of vehicles for just about every person’s need, from the everyday 428i, up to the fire breathing M5, with plenty of SUVs such as the X5 and X6 in between.

Where BMW stands out against all its rivals is with the driving experience. Boldly carrying the slogan ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’, BMW prides itself by making all of its models driver-focussed – right down to the base-spec 1-Series. Up until very recently, no BMW model was front-wheel drive, and even today, all BMW saloons remain rear or all-wheel drive. Despite a strong push to cut down emissions, BMW still widely use their iconic straight-six engine, which is famous for its silky-smooth operation, good power, and gorgeous sound. 

With a history spanning out over 100 years, BMW has earned a place for itself in the automotive history books as one of the most sporting-focussed brands on the planet. Their no-compromise approach to dynamics has gained them a huge worldwide fanbase from drivers who like to use their car to commute, but also to set some laps around their local track.

Capristo's renowned BMW exhausts are innovated for excellence. Every exhaust part is made from T309 stainless steel, utilizing mandrel-bent tubing and hand weld construction, they are crafted with extreme care and built with passion. Capristo BMW exhaust systems are track proven for increasing power and torque.