Lamborghini Exhaust Systems

Capristo High Performance Aftermarket Lamborghini Exhaust Systems - Built To Perform

In a world where a lot of new car models appear to look too similar, and in the same boring shade of grey, Lamborghini proudly continues to buck the trend with models that can only be described as mesmerising to look at.

Founded in 1963, Lamborghini was set up with the immediate intent of rivalling fellow Italian giant Ferrari. Almost instantly they found success in the late ‘60s with the launch of the Miura, which carried the now-famous V12 engine, and looks that made it an instant hit. 

Lamborghini went through the 70s, 80s and 90s producing famously wild and exotic cars such as the Countach and the Diablo. The cars were infamously challenging to live with, which was reflected in the poor sales figures at the time, with just 209 units built in 1997. In 1999 however, Audi purchased Lamborghini, and inserted some sensibleness and reliability under the skin. The subsequent Murciélago and Gallardo were instant best sellers, and today’s V12 Aventador and V10 Huracan continue to combine the sensibleness of the German engineering with the exotic Italian flair that the world has come to love with this iconic supercar brand. 

Capristo Lamborghini exhaust systems are built with precision and excellence. Developed in Caristo’s state-of-the-art testing and development center, they are the epitome of high performance German engineering. All Capristo Lamborghini exhausts are made with the highest quality T309 stainless steel, built to withstand extreme temperatures of over 600 degrees celsius. Fitting an aftermarket Capristo Lamborghini exhaust will significantly increase power and torque.