Rear silencer with catalytics and programmable control CES-3 , with ECE approval (exclusive convertible) 02LA06903007

Capristo Automotive Australia


Capristo presents you a high quality flap exhaust system for the Gallardo LP 550, LP 560 and LP 570.
Since the quality is decisive at Capristo, this flap exhaust system is made of heat-resistant 1.4828 stainless steel. This high quality material gives the Capristo system a long service life. The systems are manufactured exclusively by hand in a TIG welding process. The systems are then polished to a high gloss. A quality control now completes the manufacturing process.

In keeping with the visual and technical requirements, you can bring your Lamborghini to a priceless acoustic sound with this flap exhaust system.

The flap exhaust system generates an additional output of 20PS.

As the owner of a Capristo flap exhaust system, you can experience a phenomenal sound over the long term. See for yourself!

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