Capristo Carbon Front Fins for Ferrari 458 Speciale - 03FE00410019LM

Capristo Automotive Australia


Capristo Automotive specialises in crafting the very best carbon fibre body parts designed for sports cars and supercars. Carbon, possessing impressive strength comparable to steel, distinguishes itself for being significantly lighter and resistance to rust. The manufacturing process involves saturating a carbon fibre fabric with resin to create a durable carbon part.

To produce these parts, multiple layers of the carbon fibre fabric are meticulously bonded together using a custom form. The final step entails placing the assembled part into an autoclave for the curing process. This meticulous procedure ensures the utmost quality and durability of the carbon components.

Beyond its structural advantages, opting for carbon parts elevates a vehicle's aesthetic appeal. Capristo takes pride in using the same fabric techniques employed by original car manufacturers, ensuring a seamless integration with the vehicle's original design. Customers can further personalise their carbon parts by choosing between a matted or shiny finish, adding an extra layer of customisation to enhance the overall style of their vehicles.

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