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Ferrari 355 Exhaust By-Pass Valve Kit (Incl. Sealing Rings)

This valve has been constructed specifically to address problems previously associated with failure of the OEM unit. The OEM valve typically failed in the ‘closed’ position, resulting in high exhaust back pressure, which resulted in engine and/or header heat damage. The CAPRISTO replacement valve has been redesigned in a different configuration. Should a vacuum and or electrical failure occur, the valve automatically reverts to the open position, relieving excess back pressure. This protects engine components and exhaust headers from heat damage.

The CAPRISTO valve is supplied with the necessary vacuum tubing and required electric solenoid valve. All parts fit into the original mounting place with no modifications needed.This valve now ships WITH sealing rings. No need to purchase the seals separately.

The system is fully compatible with the optional CAPRISTO remote control. The remote control gives the driver the option to open the valve at will, with the touch of a button. A more comprehensive description of the standard remote control for the valves is available under our remote controller section.

The Standard Remote Control Kit IS NOT INCLUDED in this package.

Note to installer:

As the CAPRISTO valve uses vacuum to close (OEM use vacuum to open) please ensure that the vehicle generates a vacuum pressure of at least 0.7 to 0.8 bar or 10 to 12 psi. This ensures that the valve will close properly without any rattling. All vacuum lines and equipment relying on vacuum should be inspected if this vacuum is not generated by the vehicle.

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