Ferrari 430 – Racing Free-Flow Exhaust System 02FE02303008

Capristo Automotive


This Package Includes:

– Ferrari 430 Free-Flow Exhaust

-Mounting Brackets and Bolts


CAPRISTO developed this exhaust system to aim at the more sporty drivers. A state of the art design and a perfect fit for your Ferrari F430 Coupe or Spider.

Much louder than the twin sound valve system, this system is a free flow design, very suitable for the driver attending track events. This racing exhaust version is extremely lightweight, weighing 15.3 kg or 33.7lb.

This system will enhance the 8 cylinder sound and you will experience an increase in horsepower and sound due to a more efficient flow throughout the exhaust system. Less restriction = more sound & performance

Mounting hardware, clamps, gaskets and a special spring mount bracket are included with your purchase.

The CAPRISTO spring mounted system allows for a secure mounting while freedom for expansion is retained. This prevents expansion and fatigue damage of the entire exhaust system.

This spring mounted bracket is also available in a configuration to be used with the stock exhaust system.

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