Ferrari 488 GTB & GTS - 200CPSI Sport Catalytic Converters 02FE08703007 With Heat Blankets 02FE08703006

Capristo Automotive


This Package Includes:

– Ferrari 488 GTB/GTS 200CPSI Sport Catalytic Converters 

– Ferrari 488 Sports Catalytic Heat Blankets


Exhaust system made of T309 (1.4828) Grade Stainless Steel and Hand-polished to a mirror finish. This version includes custom hand-sewn heat blankets to reduce under-hood temperatures, protecting the surrounding body, hoses, and painted surfaces from residual heat damage.

These High-Performance Sports Catalytic Converters feature 200 cell per square inch substrate fashioned from the highest quality materials currently available designed to improve airflow for your vehicle and increase performance. The Twin-Flow design features a bypass that allows an increased exhaust gas flow (close to a test pipe) while reducing the likelihood of CEL. That said, Capristo can not guarantee a CEL may not appear as the Ferrari 488 ECU is highly sensitive and adaptive. The primary benefit of the Twin-Flow design is near test pipe performance while still cleaning the exhaust gases.

The cell count of a catalytic substrate refers to the number of holes per square inch and is a direct indication of the flow capabilities of that substrate. The lower the count of holes, the more significant the hole needs to fill one square inch, a bigger hole subsequently flows more exhaust gasses.

The CAPRISTO valved exhaust system helps low rpm torque by providing back pressure in the exhaust, and raises temperature for good catalytic converter operation. While in the open valve condition for high rpm, it takes full advantage of the free flow characteristics of the CAPRISTO Twin-Flow Sport Cats optimizing the high energy exhaust at the ideal temperature and back pressure to maximize performance.

These catalytic converters can be easily fitted to a CAPRISTO exhaust systems or any system that fits directly to the OEM exhaust.

We recommend you purchase our Valved Exhaust system with this product and a Standard Remote to Operate the valves in the exhaust system.

Capristo Automotive emphasizes that you should avoid to rev up your car while not moving! The exhaust flames that may occur could cause damage to vehicles and persons in near proximity!

*Recommended For Off-Road and Track Use Only*


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